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something similar and the consequences are still ongoing. while those who have moved to shelters here in tokyo are facing that guilt and the pressure to move back home there are others who have lost everything cannot handle the overwhelming change and they are facing even darker demons japan already has one of the highest suicide rates in the world and following the disaster in march the government has issued a warning about a possible nationwide epidemic of depression here some organic farm us committed suicide because you know for nick. is everything they know each other good soil for after many hours of hard work and just contaminated one night going to go so. far as committed suicide i'm very sad to hear the news and many other farmers are also very much depressed a recent national survey in japan performed by dr roshini and his team shows that
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suicide rates in japan have in fact increased in the months since the disaster compared to the same timeframe in the previous two years but the demographics are not what you might expect. increased. note. back to us because some barbers striving to. have if they have not had to make suicide this disaster has certainly taken its toll on japan's economy and such constant reminders of an intense topic can harm the collective psyche of the people who live here as well because of the. tsunami disaster plus nuclear disaster many people actually lost their jobs or their working on the show has crashed. so. yeah they have a for many
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a good reason to commit suicide causing japan's death toll to keep rising even though the initial disaster has subsided months before in japan sean thomas or t.v. . well the cleanup at the stricken field of human nuclear plant has been praised by the head of the u.n. nuclear watchdog who said that the radiation could be contained by the end of the year well u.k. amada is visiting the facility to assess the progress in preventing the nuclear crisis from getting worse because she was reactors were heavily damaged by the earthquake and tsunami that it caused the chorus to melt and release dangerous amounts of radiation into the environment workers have since been trying to restore the cooling system and stop contaminated water from the reactors leaking into the sea but you know she love based nuclear experts. believes the i.a.e.a. visit is a farce and the japanese government still isn't doing enough to protect people. in essence what this is just just trying to give a nice shine to
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a terrible terrible situation and policy and not really in any way dealing with the actual problems that are facing us here in japan and least plants are still leaching radioactivity into the environment every day into the sea and through the steam of the combing into the air and what. preoccupied many people in japan is that even for those of us that live far enough away that we thought we were not in any way threatened by the radiation from the plants are now finding that because of insufficient oversight into the food supply and public health questions that radiation is turning up in all kinds of food products so you're finding now people in far away from fukushima areas are now beginning to realize that they're not going to be escaping the radiation because of that distance and additionally besides that there's still a rather chaotic policy about what will be happening in the areas that were contaminated near those plants but outside of the evacuation zone for example
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pushing a city. that was nuclear energy expert robert jacobson hiroshima explaining the current situation in japan. of iraq obama is calling on the american. people to step up to the plate and pressure their politicians in dealing with the debt standoff well congress has a week left to raise the country's multi-trillion dollar debt ceiling if it wants to avoid a potentially devastating default in a nationwide address obama warned that an american default would impact around the world now he blamed republicans for stalling talks and refusing to accept a balanced approach the republican speaker john boehner hit back accusing obama of spending beyond the country's means and expecting quote a blank check of republicans and democrats have been locked in a dispute over whether spending cuts or tax hikes is the answer to the debt crisis a washington washer matthew says the government needs to act fast to avoid an investor exodus. the obama and the democrats in congress just want to
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keep on spending. and so they would like to see the debt ceiling raised so that they can continue to give rewards to their supporters among the labor unions and the various political organizations that are sympathetic to the democratic party because the u.s. is able to keep raising its debt ceiling because people investors around the world have confidence in the united states they believe that the u.s. government will honor its outstanding obligations and so as long as people have faith in the investors have faith in the u.s. government in its credit worthiness then the u.s. could keep raising its debt ceiling the problem right now is that the debt is so high that that in itself is starting to become a negative factor that could lead to a credit rating downgrade of the united states government if china loses confidence
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in. america the american government's ability to pay its debts then the u.s. will have nowhere to run. the u.s. was the only would it be only choice it would have would be to keep printing money to inflate the currency run the printing presses and risk devastating hyperinflation or the u.s. government would have to drastically cut spending and implement pretty severe austerity measures meanwhile the mighty are on the brink over and europe as well ratings giant moody's is warning powerhouses germany and france that their bailout of greece could see their own credit ratings downgraded well that's after greece's score dropped to just one notch above default last week financial analyst fabia demasi believes banks are the only winners from the greek bailout. we are risk here in greece we will rescue in our long we rescue. maybe italy or spain someday but
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the truth is we were rescuing german or french or british bernal's hold the debts against these countries and basically if you want to bring your holes in order and to consolidate public finances you have you have to to tax wealthy people you have to tax. the banks so. benefit that and of course the crisis basically deals with threat that we will lose a lot of taxpayers' money because. we could really experiencing and european union this is not working so far as still ahead in the program a top north korean diplomat is invited for rare talks in the u.s. . whether it will revive the long stalled negotiations on scrapping controversial nuclear program. and we hear how washington's internal squabbles are fueling the missile defense stalemate between russia and the u.s.
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we'll get the inside from russia's nato on boys in a few moments. kossovo has sent a special forces to the serb populated north after a tit for tat trade ban caused tension to flare up police seize control over one border crossing while the other two are being blocked by local serbs kossovo his move has been widely condemned by the un and the e.u. among others and it's feared it will stoke ethnic anger will cost of oprah going to its independence in two thousand and eight when it you know a lot of the split from serbia some six hundred thousand serbs still live in the region but they refuse to recognize cost of and sovereignty a cost of those independence has been a bone of contention between serbia and the e.u. which is pressing belgrade to recognize kossovo before it can become a member of the balkans expert in the bush abolish believes cost of those actions are in play. the situation but it's that that created the tension in the first place. the decision to introduce e.
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trade embargo and to send a special forces is a cigarette slap in the face to the serbian government which has been nothing but a cooperative and even capitulating in the ongoing negotiations which were set up by the e.u. is a matter of fact the news that i've been listening to this morning indicated today that this action has completely either completely bypassed the europeans and nato or has been executed with their complicity in cooperation and honesty in the who should which is worse by the e.u. has made things in an unimaginably worse by recognizing your disapproval that has absolutely no interest in any sort of dialogue it came to power through violence it has conducted widespread and cleansing of serbs and we are not opening populations it has been rewarded for a white spirit aughrim of syria in march going to two thousand and four and it has to be sickly shown in the willingness to behave in a civilized fashion in going into including the corporation of independence and
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know this so honestly and your mission is there to facilitate their independence to say contrary to international law and use the rules so obviously it is a message we are still making and it is a mess that the europeans and nato. basically which made it need to fix. well the latest threat to middle east peace is a promise by israel to punish the palestinians if they go ahead with plans to declare statehood at the u.n. in september well it's considering canceling the last mark one nine hundred ninety three oslo accord which is the main road map in resolving the middle east conflict that the u.s. is among the countries refusing to support the palestinians moves towards recognition and joining us now is dr stevens who has a politics and international studies professor at san francisco university thank you very much mr as soon as for being on the program now what will be the effect if israel castle's the osce the accord. make it somewhat difficult for the united states which for years has been. insisting that the. process
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was the path to middle eastern peace congress just passed a resolution by an overwhelming bipartisan majority that claimed that reiterated the importance of the oslo process but ironically try to blame the palestine authority for violating it simply by including hamas as a. member of the coalition government even though as your parties are just extreme which also rejected. any government to hold. it would mean that the united states would need it need to effectively support israel's action therefore renounce the very resolution the united states is the guarantor for ok let's talk about the role of the united states here while washington does or is refusing to support the palestinian drive to secure
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a un declaration of their independence why is why does the u.s. start to oppose this move. and frankly i think it's a throwback to the kind of colonialism mentality the idea that. colonize occupied people only have independence on the parameters decided upon by the occupier i mean if you. read the statements from the of on the stray sion from congress on this and you substituted callsign israel for algeria and france or rhodesia and britain or namibia and south africa or east timor and indonesia you know you would see is basically a clone you know kind of kind of mentality that the the right of self-determination has been there for a stone international law for most of the past century and so this this really is literally a reactionary or kind of foreign policy position and let's look at it from because fact of the palestinians now how just how vital to the process is america stands in
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terms of creating this palestinian state and its development. in many ways is the desperate move the palestinians in the palestinians themselves of course sort of prefer a negotiated settlement as would motions or hers but the israeli government has basically is saying that the palestinians could only have a state if it consists of a series of noncontiguous largely urban count on just rounded by israel arab east jerusalem the largest concentration of palestinians and their center for the religious and cultural and academic and and political life would be cut off it would be come part of israel as with the jordan valley as well you know large swathes of territory in between it would be like those infamous bantu stance apartheid south africa it's certainly not viable so any clarity independence based on those the twenty percent of palestine that was occupied by israel nine hundred
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sixty seven they're hoping to say this is hoping to to essentially force a crisis to. isolate israel the united states in the international community get recognition for much of the rest of the world and hope that will move the process for is find a desperate act it may not work but in many ways the oslo process died many years ago all right thank you very much for insight on the situation after dr stephen soon as from the university of san francisco thank you. now argue dot com is of course available around the clock for you to watch the news that you choose and here's a selection of what we've lined up online at the new york hotel maid who accuses the former i.m.f. chief of sexually assaulting her and goes public saying she wants to see dominique strauss gone behind bars. heroes of the world unite to report from comic-con in san diego at the biggest expo of fiction's finest fantasies. now a senior north korean diplomat has been invited to new york for talks on how to revive
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the stalled negotiations on its controversial nuclear program well some media suggest he's already on his way to the u.s. now the move comes just days after top nuclear all voice from north and south korea got together for the first time in two years during a security summit in did nisha were there they agreed to return it to six party talks as soon as possible and they go see issues broke down after the carrier is dead the shelling of the south young people island and what it claimed was in response to provocative military drills well the u.s. says north korea must dismantle its nuclear facilities before any deal can be reached what is your expert. that'll it'll be tough as the north has always seen the u.s. as hostile. acts a little bit of desperation especially because when you look at the big clubs which you dismantle you'll nuclear program first and then we decide to talk to you that's
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an absolute no no i was in north korea last year you know sure i'm from north. you know fishes directly debt this state awfully is the same state of play as it was srishti eight years ago fifty ace and in verse three of the armistice north korea south korea are still at war with each other doesn't armistice and in the north koreans are saying we have to sit down to the same table with the americans and then we go into formally and the war and then we're going to discuss everything including the nuclear program and the war from the north korean point of view is a war against america is not south korea they view it as a blot that government of the americas and they view that south korea in the minds of young of course it's still all killed by by american troops there are thirty six to thirty eight thousand us troops but the north korea says it has a western occupation of south korea so though unless you start to i really doubt
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this basic difference is important it's absolutely impossible to even start talking . they're telling us what he thinks needs to be done to bring north korea back to the negotiating table. their agreement appears no closer between the u.s. and russia on how to develop missile defense in europe and that's despite further talks in washington this tuesday nato says the system is designed to protect the european continent from countries like iran but russia fears the project as its military might and is offering alternatives to the u.s. is wiling ahead with its plan and despite objections from the kremlin russia's envoy to nato was at tuesday's talks and afterwards he told r.t. that washington has to overcome its divisions. if you will there are questions that remain unanswered if missile threats against europe come from the south why is
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the us placing part of its military infrastructure in the north close to russia's borders this is the question that we can't get an answer to when we ask for legal guarantees that the system is not aimed at russia we're told there's a big conflict between republicans and democrats in congress and they start to explain that conflict but we're not interested in that what's important for us is that the u.s. is behind this project and they should provide security for all partners russia is very flexible if for some fabricated political reasons they rejected our suggestion to integrate our means of anti missile defense then there's another scheme they could be cooperation between two independent systems if nato wants to defend itself that's no problem but if russia wants to provide its own security so be it otherwise it's like when you come home and discover somebody else's bodyguard sitting in your bedroom he's been sent to provide your security who's going to like that so if our suggestions are rejected and it's understood that iran is just a reason to have the plan while russia's nuclear potential is the real target then
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russia will come up with its own military response which nobody is going to like. polish investigators have included that pilot error was to blame for last year's plane tragedy that's according to media reports well the crash in russia claimed the lives of president lech kaczynski and much of the country's political elite warsaw previously child intergovernmental panel finding which blamed the flight crew the committee found it pilots had ignored a warning for russian air traffic controllers to abandon the landing of poland decided to carry out its own investigation of the plane crash during its descent into a russian airfield in a poor weather conditions and all ninety six people on board were killed the polish investigation is expected to be published before the weekend. now let's look at some of the world's other main use right now the man who is a confessed to killing is seventy six people in
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a rampage in norway may be charged with crimes against humanity thirty two year old under a because already been charged in court with terrorism which he denies for the bombing of government buildings in central also as well as the massacre at an island youth camp last friday devastated the nation one hundred thousand people gathered in the capital in tribute to the victims. a moroccan military aircraft carrying eighty one people on board has crashed in the south of the country state t.v. news says seventy eight were killed and three were severely injured when their hercules transporter went down in the mountains north of the border with western sahara bad weather and low visibility are thought to have cost the crash. violent clashes in afghanistan's helmand province have killed thirty five people most of whom were insurgents all the fighting broke out between taliban nato and local forces as militants try to regain territory lost to the u.s.
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led coalition parts of helmand have seen a rise in violence security control was handed over to local forces earlier this month. well shortly we talk show biz and star gazing as queen guitarist brian may talks to r.t. about his two great loves well that's after the business update kareena. come to our business report here in r t thanks for joining me russia is looking forward to expand its privatization program to spur economic growth deputy prime minister vall of laid out the new plan that was disclosed by the adams to newspaper he suggests the full privatization of fourteen state companies by two thousand and seventeen however according to the plan the government will keep controlling stakes in infrastructure companies like russian real ways and transmit. the momentum for privatization is gathering. but it's also partly
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a function of the fight that we're going to face to do this. it's not so much about the money or those significant amount of money and go to the original plan was for thirty three billion dollars would be raised to think we're talking about one hundred twenty billion dollars but this is part and parcel with smoke my zation program and for him the key here is state owned companies run efficiently and the point is to get the government to the economy and hand over to the private sector so this will have hope for the huge impacts in terms of improving productivity. and a quick look at the markets now all reversed from earlier gains but brand has added seventy three cents investors are concerned that the u.s. debt deadlock may damage the economy of the world's largest crude consumer u.s. stocks that makes this out of the dow jones is extending losses into a third session as lawmakers in washington remained in a standoff over how to contend with federal debt shares of
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a key still holding corp fell fifteen percent after the company forecast a drop in third quarter shipments to the high cost for materials. here in russia markets closed mixed with the r.t.s. pointing upwards and a minus six point two percent in the red it declines for the third day raising only again as much as point four percent all major is among the main losers in that week of crude half a percent down last overheard of a percent bucking the trend though with polish gold that gained point three percent after gold purchased eighty nine percent of the company to reverse takeover now we can be capital wraps up today's trade. in terms of training well as the market remains very quiet and their stores are largely not trying to. change their positioning. is three version of the situation in europe and the us the focus of
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attention and in the morning was was on the all prices and the slightly more positive mode in asia but later on i was to the optimism disappeared in reality there are no real buyers and the oil price is unfortunately not really translating into the prices russians thought it is a little bit but not to the extent she would hope and that's how it looks it will end quote close to flat or slightly being up so basically no particularly serious momentum. works in a place you were bongs on the foreign markets in two thousand and twelve the deputy finance minister sergei stars chuck says russia plans to boost borrowing significantly over the next three years. it was. worth it russia has in the competitive advantage it's so high debt sustainability. to convert the budget deficit by borrowing i will cross the rings will amount to seventy two billion dollars similarly the next three years. that's all the business update for now but
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stay with us for headline news up next. if. russia would be soon which brightened if you knew about someone from
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the grand imperial truly george weston. you can a letter to. say don't need to go and. read this in the kernel was her job as a retreat. welcome back here's a quick recap of the top stories here on r t suicide rates in japan are rising as people struggle with the aftermath of the earthquake disaster meanwhile it's thought that radiation at the fukushima nuclear plant it could be contained within months. president obama is calling on the public to pressure congress into a deal on avoiding default he blames republicans for stalling talks and refusing to compromise. and
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a top north korean diplomat is invited to new york to revive long stalled talks on scrapping the country's nuclear program it's just a few days since north and south korean on voice agreed to issue discussions. at up next legendary queen guitarist and songwriter brian may well he talks to sophie shevardnadze about life with the stars not only working alongside frontman freddie mercury but also his other life as an experienced astrophysicist that's up next. it's great to have you with us today sir thank you for being so recently i was going through the glass bead game of passage and about music and what he says about music is that except it's art it's also true power over nations and human souls and
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then many people say that exactly why music is compared to exact sciences like math . so i never really got that because i finished piano conservatory and i always failed my math class now you as a man of music and science can't tell me how music is related with science or exact science like math for example it's a hard question. there are mathematical things in music but ironically i think the most important things are probably instinctive things so i don't appoint have it works out except maybe he was your parents but yes i love pure science and i love music and they're not the same sure but. certainly throughout history there has been connections and people who were immersed in both of them you know from leonardo da vinci to. patrick moore you know . it seems to be that we maybe it's an obstruction to.


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